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Inzone Garland Hotel Tai'an is located on the shore of scenic Bixia Lake at the foot of Mount Tai, adjacent to Fantawild Happy World.

Inzone Garland Hotel Tai'an is invested and constructed by Shandong Yinyuan Company, and is fully entrusted to operate and manage by Ginza Tourism Group. It is the core part of Taishan Bixia Lake Tourism Resort.

The hotel occupies an area of 42.14 acres, with a construction area of 28,000 square meters. It adopts a simple European style corridor, with a stylish and elegant design. It focuses on the experience of tourists, leisure and business meetings, and closely combines the traditional cultural elements of Taishan and the advanced hotel concept.

The hotel has nearly 20 well-known brands 'Shangshanfang' gourmet Parkway buffet restaurant and various banquet rooms. It specializes in fine Shandong cuisine and provides authentic Taishan cuisine for guests everywhere.

In addition, the hotel has established an outdoor wedding plaza, which is leading the new trend of the hotel industry.